Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sew Happy

I have been sewing like mad this weekend. For Noah. Do I ever sew for myself? One of these days I plan to actually make myself a skirt and an of these days.

But this weekend I made Noah his very own manly apron and a car organizer for the stuff he likes to have when we drive around town.

The apron has 3 button holes and was made a little long for when he gets one of his awesome growth spurts. He's due for one, so the new holes may be used sooner than we expected. I can't take all of the credit for this apron, as my husband had to do the button holes since our button hole attachment scares me and my lack of sewing skill. Oh, and Noah picked out the material himself. And yes, Frodo needs a hair cut. LOL
Originally, this organizer was going to go on the back of the passenger seat, but upon trying to use it, it became obvious that our lame caravan didn't have enough room for his feet and the organizer, so its now in the seat beside his booster, which, I think he will like better anyhow. He was very excited about this, so I am thinkin the next time I have to be out and about all day he won't be all bored and stuff. Yay, pinterest!  
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and were able to craft at least a little! 


  1. Very nice!! Great sewing! I've been sewing hats...they'll be blogged soon, but it's VBS week, so no promises on HOW soon.

  2. That is a super cute, car organizer.