Thursday, June 21, 2012

8 years. Plus 2.

So, yesterday I was blessed to celebrate my 8th wedding anniversary with my husband, Bobby. Its been an amazing ride. I was feeling sentimental yesterday and wanted to SMASH*. Dug out two very old photos of my husband and I back when we first got together back in 2002 and started dating. (those are the pictures on the right page.) The one on the top was taken a few hours before we became "official" or, whatever the kids call it these days. The one on the bottom was taken just a few short weeks after we were married. We went on a walk and DH dumped me in a water puddle in the rain. Fun times. Hehe. And, of course, the photo on the left is of our wedding day.

I feel like I might do some tweaking on both pages, but for now I am satisfied and I think the pages convey my feelings. These pages were smashed in the Purple pocketfolio smash*book from K and Company. LURVE!!!

So like, does ANYONE remember Jones Soda and Jones Juice? Yeah. Awesomesauce. Found about 100 labels from the "good ole days" and found one that went perfect with my theme. Hehe.

I hope you all enjoy! Happy almost weekend! 

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