Thursday, August 9, 2012

Smashtastical Week

Wow, it has been way too long since I have blogged. A shame too, since I have actually crafted a lot, recently. Sewing, paper crafts, and more!

First, I will show you my smash*book. I am in love with Smash*ing, and its going to be a sad day when I run out of pages in my Mod book, haha.

The first one is a page about reading. I am a book worm who grew up in a library, almost literally. My mother worked at the Library for years while I was in elementary school aiding me in reading almost every book I could get my hands on! I plan to do the second page about books as well, but ran out of time that particular day. I have gotten lots of question about the nerd girl graphic and the stamp as well. The stamp is from Saturated Canary and the nerd girl problem graphic I found on Pinterest. Here it is.
 This next page is for one of my favorites, Downton Abbey. Oh, man, I can never get enough BBC. WHY aren't there more episodes over there? Sheesh! LOL The Keep Calm quote is another I found on Pinterest, and laughed so hard at that I had to have it....and then I couldn't find it again. I think it got removed, so I made another one. And lost it on my computer. ::shakes head:: Good thing I printed it out!
Hope you all enjoy this post! I will be back later with my scrapbooking, as well as sewing. Keep calm, and smash on!

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  1. Great pages, I love the book page (I'm a reader, too!) and the contrast of the second page (the purple and orange) look fantastic together!!! Hugs, Roxy.