Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Pocket Letter Goodies

Today, I had a very much needed crafty day with my pal Kristy. It was good. Srsly good. We finally got a chance to be in the same room, make a mess and create something.  It is always a good time when good pals can do that. For real.

We  also got a chance to exchange our Christmas gifts; just in time for Valentine's day. *snicker* I received this Aiden Julie Nutting doll from Kristy. To be candid, when Julie Nutting came out with these I was intimidated. You have seen me use the girl prima dolls quite a bit but for whatever reason, I was super intimidated to use a male paperdoll. I am so used to frills and girly stuffs...but you know what? I got SUPER inspired after we got going today and had to use him!

I just bought this paper from Crate Paper and it, coupled with my hand carved paper airplane stamp (from a dollar tree eraser, oh yea) created the perfect backdrop for Aiden.

So, at the end of the day I had this fun pocket letter. Going to be tough to choose who to trade with to be honest. Don't want to let this one go. All kinds of sweet little surprises. The color palate was outside of my norm as well, but ended up being very pleasing to work with.
Products? Well, I used Crate Paper designer paper, Julie Nutting's Aiden doll, A  Dina Wakely stamp and past that it was a mish mash of things that I have had for quite awhile and things just kind of fell together.

Some close ups of each pocket.

This is the pocket where the actual letter will ultimately reside. I like to wait until I know who I am swapping with to complete this pocket, but for now, this is it. :)
 WASHI! Why I feel the need to label? No clue. I think it adds to the charm of the goodies. ::Shrug::
 LOVE bingo pages!I use them a lot so thought it would be fun to share a couple with a sweet heart paper clip. D'awe.
 This quote. I think it is so true. WASHI BANNER! Love making them. This pocket was labeled because the stamped images are behind the pocket decor. This way they won't be missed.
 Dude....Kristy can attest to this...I heart twine almost as much or at least as much as washi tape. Oh, man. Bought these two colors today at the dollar tree.
 BINGY BLING!!!Omgosh....how much do you hear this hastag paperclip. I actually took it off because I only had one....but....#bling was so good I had to leave it. Shared some sparklets that matched the color scheme of the page.
 So, they are kind of hidden behind Aiden, but I create paperclip flags too. They are so simple to make and great to use when srapping, card making, etc. Love em. So, I make em and send em.
 DOTS! What they heck are these? They are paper dot/sequins? Not sure, but love em and scattered them all throughout the pocket letter cause, they matched and were cute. The sentiment? Kristy gave me that too. YAY!
Last, but certainly not least, I stamped and cut out some of my paper airplane stamp from this post. Hope that the recipient enjoys them. I find them to be so whimsical! May need to start making some more stamps. 
So, this is it! My pocket letter! I hope it inspires you and also hope that it serves to prove that, just because something is intimidating, it doesn't mean you can't make something amazing! You have nothing to lose! Just jump in and allow the creativity to flow!

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