Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sew Happy!!!!

So, this summer I have been able to catch up with my sewing. I also have found some amazing fabrics and I am so geeked out I can't even stand it!!! Doctor Who, My Little Pony, Pokemon and Star Wars!! Woot! Also, owls and puppies....nothing is off limits. Loving our Joann Fabric right now.

The last few months, bags have been my new love. I love creating something useful that I can then share with someone. I have even been able to sell several! If you are interested in checking out some bags, Moms Crafty Closet is the place to go!! My latest two bags are of the animal variety and I love em. I have a feeling they will both be a gift for someone very special. Her birthday is coming right up!!

 So, a new venture in sewing has been making geeky skirts. Other than the way I love the fabric and love having fun, they aren't anything to write home about. Nothing fancy.  Just some elastic, some gathering and some hemming. I love them, though and I don't really care if they make my hips look big haha.

This skirt is my My Little Pony skirt, which I LOVED this fabric and had to have it. My son, who is a brony, is extremely jealous.
 THIS fabric is AMAZING. DALEKS!!!!! I looked everywhere for this fabric and wasn't able to find it until I went to a Joann further away. I bought quite a bit because I have plans for a bag in this fabric as well.
 Next, I am back to aprons. Srslly love aprons and it has been years since I have made myself an apron and it was time!!! I have been loving this fabric for ages and finally had a good coupon so I bought a few yards and then made myself a ruffly apron. Oh I love this apron and I actually don't want to get it dirty!!
Oh, did I mention I make bags? I made Noah a messenger bag with this pokemon material and he loved it! He immediately put his books in it and carried it everywhere!! (so serious)
Anyway. Just another day catching up with  my blogging. I hope to start selling more bags and aprons!! I also love sewing for the love of sewing, though.  ESP when you have FUN FABRIC!!

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