Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Perler Bead Fun

No lie, I LOVE perler beads. Grew up with them, and now I am sharing with my child...its just flipping fun. No two ways about it.

Today and yesterday I had a blast making some super geeky items for my super geeky style. I am a lunch lady...for the time I get to wear fun things to work from time to time.

These two hair bows will be fun to wear when school starts for sure!!

This first one is a Pinkie Pie bow. LOVE!!! Pinkie Pie is my patronus. Just sayin..... its a bow, obviously...and her cutie marks are insinuated on the right side (balloons, cause she is a partay and then I hot glued a hair clip on the back. 
 And....viola!! Its amazawesome!! I will be making more bows for sure...Mario and Doctor Who for sure things yo!!
This next one is a Hello Storm Trooper. Cause...its cute!!!! Its a little larger than I anticipated but who cares??!! I certainly don't!! Bring on the geekiness!! Also attached a hair clip to this one.

This last thing is a first for me. I figured out how to make earrings!! Woot! The possibilities are ENDLESS now! Oh, the earrings I will make! For starters, though, I made these feathers. Also, WAY larger than I thought they would be, but you can see how much I am concerned about the size....and since they are perler bead they are super light anyhow so you don't even notice the size, really. 

Hope that you really enjoyed this post! Lots of fun things to look at and maybe inspire you to get that childish heart of yours (please, we all have one so don't EVEN) to the store to get some perler beads! (or, melty beads...whatever you can afford, haha.) Its a great, quick, fun summer indoors because the heat index is 105 degrees activity for you and you family to do together!

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