Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bag Lady

So, I might have become obsessed with making bags. I am pretty stoked that I have finally learned a new "trick". No longer the, "one trick apron" lady I am now a bag lady too!

My mom bought some star wars fabric for Noah and since we have the entire week off due to snow and ice, I decided to sew a bag with it yesterday. I am loving having this time off with no obligations.

I used this tutorial and the knowledge I learned with the messenger bag I made the other day and LOVE the outcome! Noah immediately put his library books in his bag and seems to love it!

After that, I felt like I had practiced enough to make a bag of my own. I am tough on bags so I used a thick felt between the layers to add some ruggedness and I sewed the handles quite a few times to be sure they would stay. I added felt in the handles as well for cushiness. 

And, of course, I made some fabric scrap rosettes to spruce up the front. That took me longer than making the bag. They have to be hand sewn to the bag. However, it was worth it in the end. I think they are adorable!

I can't wait to be able to get out of the house to show off my bag, but I am content for the time being with being snowed in. It happens once every 10 years or so, right? So enjoy it while it lasts. Today I must get the chores done! Even IF my fabric is calling my name!!!

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  1. Love both bags!! The first is awesome - love the fabric, my son would flip. Do you know where your Mom bought the star wars fabric?