Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow Days!

For those of you that don't know, we don't get a whole lot of snow in Middle TN. The northern parts do and the eastern parts on the plateau do, but not the entire state the way we did this weekend. We are all happy to be snowed in in our house. Snow and ice to play in, crafts and tinkering to do.

I took the opportunity to do as little as possible yesterday (to the detriment of the housework) and I napped and then decided too craft. I have been wanting to make a bag for awhile and I wanted to start simple, so I started with this mini messenger bag. It is made for a child, but would be great for a purse when you are out and about.

I used fabric that I have here in the house for obvious reasons. Most of middle TN is shut down at this point and some places, police are stopping you and asking you to go back home if you don't have an emergency so...I used what I have.

For my first real bag using real instructions and figuring it out on my own, I am thrilled with the outcome. I think that in the future I will use thick felt and interfacing to stiffen the bag and make it more sturdy...as well as make it larger. I didn't want to confuse it with changing dimensions though.

Now Noah is begging to sew something. Not sure if this is the bag to do for him....think I will start with something simpler...maybe a pillowcase???

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