Sunday, September 14, 2014

A baby shower, and a winner!

First things first....the winners from the comment list on the last post were....number 2, LISA DEAN and number 6, STEPH ACKERMAN!!! Steph, I have given your names to Kimm and she will help you with your stamps! Congratulations! So happy for you both!!!!

Now, for the other business. I posted here awhile back that I was making things for a baby shower. While I didn't actually attend said baby shower, I did help set up. It was a VERY simple affair, but it was appropriate in this case, I think.

This was the food table. They had casserole and other things. I put a few pearls into the flower balls (one of the balls was leaning). I used cloud confetti that I had punched with the fiskars punch to scatter around.

Yay, mason jars! Used them for the paper straws and the mints. No one ate the mints OR used the straws, however. I find that strange.
All of my cute little plasticware bundles ready to be used. 
The "wishes for baby, advice for mum" table. They were to write on the card and place it in the basket. It was against a backdrop of cute baby clothes and lattice. 
 Isn't it adorable? I totally dug the lattice fencing and the baby clothes on a clothesline. Super cute!
Let it shower! I dearly wish I had made the cloud at least 3 times the size it was. I will know better for next time. It is dwarfed by the size of the room. Also, I might should have put the rag line over on the left behind the mother's chair to balance the lattice. 

 Yes, the rag line would have gone nicely over here near the mom's chair. Also, the umbrella may could have been hung differently. It was LATE at night and we were all tired. So....this is how it happened.

 Given the circumstances I believe it turned out well. Do I wish I had planned better? Yes, however it wasn't a shower I was throwing. I was just creating. So, all in all it was great. I was thankful for the opportunity to get to create something I haven't gotten to dabble in before.

Again, I want to congratulate Lisa and Steph on their big win! Be sure to contact Kimm to receive your prizes! Also, be sure to "like" Ms. Kimm Creates on facebook! Just follow the link!

Happy crafting!


  1. Oh my goodness! Thank you!

    Love those shower decorations! :-)

  2. wow, thanks so much. Love the baby shower decorations. Great job.

  3. What a beautiful baby shower!! It's funny cause the baby shower I attended on the weekend had a jar of mints and no one ate them either! lol You did a fabulous job and the mum to be will have some wonderful memories of her shower :)

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  5. Wow, I adore this adorable baby shower color scheme. It was just fantastic. I love these decorations. At some local wedding venues in Chicago my cousin will be having a sunshine inspired ceremony so I am just thinking to host a cute wedding shower for her. If you have any d├ęcor ideas for her wedding shower, please let me know.