Thursday, June 6, 2013

Smash*ing Birthday

Wow, I had such an amazing birthday on Tuesday. I seriously could not wait to Smash* about it. Haha. My hubbs is so cool. He collected and kept things all day for me to Smash* when I had time. We went to an activity center and went putt putt golfing, bumper boating, go-karting and then played at the arcade. After that we went out to eat Mexican food, my fave, and then we went to a lil antique shop that I love.

I had a lot of fun making these pages. I altered both pockets. The large one was a Smash* calendar pocket, but I wanted the front plain, so I covered it. The small pocket I cut the flap off of and then angled and cut the front down. I don't understand why they have the flaps on the front of the pockets? Maybe I am just missing something. ::shrug::

I also covered 2 more pages in this 365....I didn't expect to, but June is such a busy month in our family and I had 2 left over pages from May, so I covered the stripes and stars pages with some less busy/themed papers.

The "captured" stamp is from Give A Girl A. So excited to get to break out this stamp set now that it is summer!

The fun elements that look "circus-y" are from Ruby Rock-It. I was so lucky to win the entire Carnival King line awhile back and have been having tons of fun with it ever since.

I hope you all enjoy these pages. I had tons of fun making them!!! Hugs and have a great week-end!

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  1. It sounds like you have a great birthday. It's it great having a summer birthday? It makes me kind of feel bad for our boys both having December birthdays. You can just do so more in the summer time.