Saturday, June 1, 2013

Happy June!

And to celebrate the start of June, I have finished up May in my 365 Smash*. I couldn't wait to get home today so I could finish it up!

I was able to go out with a good crafting buddy of mine (she is SO much more than just a crafting buddy) and pop in to Joann and dig through the dollar bin yesterday. I was so excited! I got quite a bit of stuff for under 10 dollars, including 4 new rolls of washi tape. I even found the mustache and chevron prints I was looking for!!!

Anyhow, here are my pages:

I added a pocket with the strips that you can pop pages in with? I am hoping it holds. It seems like the cards are just a tad too heavy. Here's hoping...::crosses fingers::

I hope that you are all safe out there with the terrifying weather that has been making its way across the US this week. We have been so blessed to be in a "bubble" of sorts since fall it seems. We really haven't had any weather to write home about and we are thankful. Stay dry, and stay safe out there!

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  1. Love your pages, I had a great time, you are such a great crafter, whenever I see you I have to kick my butt in gear and start crafting again because you motivate me.