Sunday, June 23, 2013

Captain Apron....

So, I made this apron well over a week ago. I bought the fabric close to 3 weeks ago...and I am just now making time to post it on here. I know you were all waited with baited breath to see what I was creating this week and just HAD to see it NOW, right? Hehe.

Well, for the 1 of you that probably really was wondering what I was up to, I made my darling husband a manly apron. I didn't let it be a surprise be cause he bakes and grills and I needed to know what he thought he needed out of an apron.

We collaborated and this is the design we came up with, and I, for one, am thrilled with the outcome. I made the apron from creating the pattern to finished product in under 3 hours. A record for me! It seems I might be learning something along the way!

He really seemed to like the outcome and used it the very next day. Whether it was to be nice or not, I don't mind. 

Also, this last week was my 9 year wedding anniversary and my hubbs found this AMAZING box from lowes that is perfect for SO many of my craft supplies! 

I am probably one of the only girls out there that is EXCITED to get a tool box from her husband. Haha! I spent all afternoon yesterday organizing my craft supplies and I am so happy to be organized I could just...cry! Haha! 

Well, there is is. My lonely little blog post. Hope you enjoyed it! 


  1. Nice! Caleb would LOVE an apron like that!!

  2. I love all your Aprons, Bobby is such a good sport and he is crafty and artsy too, although he may not admit it. If I ask Jason an opinion on a card or smash page, he says yep paper glued to other paper. LOL