Friday, May 24, 2013

Paper Trail

Good Friday (or Saturday for those of you down under) evening to you all! I decided to kick of the Holiday weekend right and get some paper craftiness goin. Little did I know, that my lack of mojo would make it take 4 hours to get 2 ATCs and one greeting card done. o.O

Still, it felt good to dabble again and get stuff done.

One of my crafty friends has started a neat ATC group where you can share your ATCs and swap em! Check em out, here! They are the "Fun ATC Swappers". I can't wait to really get started! In any regard, I did make 2 just to get back into the swing of it all.

Of course, what other theme could I think of?

These are both stamps that I hand made with 2 erasers and an xacto knife. They aren't the best stamps, but I love 'em. I am planning to make a series of Doctor Who ATCs. What I will do with them, I don't know quite yet, but I am excited and can't wait to start plotting them out. 

I also wanted to color today, so I colored several images. Sadly, I am way out of practice and some of my markers are running out of ink. So, this was the only image that made it to a card...that being said, I am also out of card making practice so this one is lacking my usual oomph as well. ::sigh:: 

Looking forward to getting my Mojo back SOON. Also looking forward to sleeping in in the morning. Happy Memorial Day Weekend to all of us here in the US of A!

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