Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kinda addicted to couponing...and coffee....

Awhile back I posted my smash book. I finally finished the starbucks page. I love it! Kind of excited to do more pages!!!

Last weekend I also decided that my coupon book had been naked for far too long. So, I fixed it up. Used cupcake Anya and spiffied it right up. Now its even MORE excited to coupon, even though I love it anyway. Its work, but its SO worth the hours. Yes, I am that crazy person that spends 4-5 hours every Sunday working on cutting coupons and going over each and every flier with a fine tooth comb. 
 For the tabs I used paint samples. All of the colors of the rainbow, and now its so much faster to find what I am looking for.
Hope this inspires you! Either to be creative, OR to save big! 


  1. Awww thnx dude!!! I'm so excited to be helping Carisa with this! I am so honored she asked for me help!

  2. That is an amazing coupon book. We do some couponing, but you are right, it is time consuming.

  3. I love couponing too. This book came out really cute. I'm stopping by from the Smashaholics group on FB.