Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sling Bag Prototype

So, after several years of sewing it is becoming clear to me that I do  better when I make my own pattern than when I try to find one. After spending about an hour looking for a pattern for a meru/kavu style bag pattern and not finding even one that was free, I decided to make my own. It was difficult and took me all day but I like the result and cannot wait to make another with the improvements I have planned.

So, what I did was take my Meru bag and trace the outside onto paper. Then, I broke the bag down into parts. Back panel, 2 front panels, pockets (including an elastic pocket for the inside)

Of course, you also need some sturdy interfacing and I used 2 layers of plush batting for the shoulder strap portion. The zipper I used was about 20 inches long, possibly 22. It wasn't packaged and I id end up cutting off a small portion on the end.

I have had this fabric for a really long time. Back from my tote selling days. It is so cheerful and I loved how they looked together. It was purchased at Joann Fabrics and is the most soft, flowy cotton. Luxurious!
So, problems....First, I sewed the panels together when I should have left the edges raw. Sewing them together created a problem with the sizing. Instead of having my 1/4 inch seam it turned into a half inch seam allowance because I had to sew it twice. This also caused the smaller panel on the front to be too small so the zipper comes almost to the edge creating a gape when you unzip it.

Second, I put the shoulder strap on the top center instead of placing it to the side. This created a problem where the top of the bag sticks out and the strap loses about a half inch or more. .::facepalm::

Third, the inside has raw edges much like my harry potter bag, however I have not found a solution for this.

Lastly, the bottom portion that attaches to the bottom strap puckers...I am not quite sure how I am going to fix this problem. Suggestions are welcome.

FUN features....

I made my first elastic pocket! SO easy and SO handy for the inside of the bag! Be sure that you sew the pocket to the inside panel as well as the interfacing before you sew the backing on. You don't want a pocket shape on the back of your bag. ;)
Also, I made a clip to hold my keys, just like my Meru has. My Meru bag has single-handedly removed the issue of my losing my keys be it from falling out of my bag, or just losing them in general because they are always attached to my bag! I also created a lanyard that matched my bag to replace my sad 31 lanard that needed to be retired.
I really love that I found a way to use what I have instead of going to the store to buy specialty items. I had this hook and these D rings and used them to create a system, like my Meru bag, that can easily take the bag off without going over my head each time, although, in all truth, I rarely use that feature on my Meru. Now, the seams on the D ring area could be better. Still learning how to do that, but I am pleased with it since it is my first go. 
Here is the back of the bag. This fabric is just so cheerful. You can sort of see the bottom flap here and the top where the strap is messed up. However, its not bad enough for me not to use this bag. I am in love and I already have fabric lined up to make one for my 10 year old and one more for myself. EEEP!

If you have any questions at all, feel free to message me or email me or comment blow. I am happy to share with you! Thanks for stopping by!

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