Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Blue Belt Promotion

So, once again I am here to show off my martial arts master-in-training. We go to Ernie Reyes up the road and have been there almost a year-and-a-half. In that time, my son has managed to make it to blue belt is already almost half way through it! It took him a bit of time to get through his purple because he wasn't confident enough in a few moves, but he got there, finally!

You can see he is tortured in class...haha

I have posted before about the book I am slowly creating for him so that by the time he gets to black belt he will be able to look back at his journey and see how far he has come. Today I created 2 pages for this book. One, is a bit simple. Noah's teachers send post cards to their students when they see that they are surpassing the expectations of a class and I have been saving as many of these as I can and decided today to cut them up and put them on a page for him. It is so fantastic the way his teachers see each child and not just a group of kids with dollar signs on their backs.
 Here is the page from his ceremony. I have been out of sorts recently so creating this page was way more difficult than it should have been. All in all, though, it turned out just the way it should have.

Hope you all are having a wonderful Tuesday! (I actually thought today was Monday...may be time for a nap? ::yawn:: Happy crafting!

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