Saturday, September 19, 2015


So, awhile back I was SUPER stoked because I had found Doctor Who fabric!!!! So, I bought like 4 yards of the stuff...NOT on sale...that is how much I had to have it. Price didn't matter!!!!

So, after I made the dress I waited anxiously for a good time to debut it....and Mini Maker Faire Nashville was the perfect time, I do believe!!! I got so many compliments I actually lost count, which, was super humbling knowing how far I have come in my sewing. 

Check it! I even got my pic with the 4th Doctor! OMGOSH!!!

 And, a tiny TARDIS...pretty sure this was when Capaldi got stuck in his shrinking TARDIS....remember that? Kinda hilarious....
 And, of course, a hovering Dalek robot made by some students (photo credit here to Noah).
All  in all I am SO excited to have learned to to save up the money to create my next dress....its going to be Star Wars....All about space and time!! 

Anyway, here is the link that inspired me to believe that I COULD, indeed, sew a dress!!
She is super cute, super geeky and super easy to follow....also, there is a VIDEO!! 

So, there it is! Hope it inspires you to get up and SEW! Cause, even if you don't think you can, I would bet you can!

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