Saturday, July 11, 2015

Earring Book

So, I got my ears pierced a year ago and since the I have kinda gone a little nutty over earrings. They are just one more way that I am able to express my geeky self. However, I have lost and/or ruined a few pairs of my non dangling earrings because I had nowhere to properly store them and keep them organized.

I finally stumbled on an idea on pinterest and jumped on it. An earring book made out of felt and fabric. I am not convinced I am finished with it, but its going to work for the time being.

My friend, Norma, sent me some cute fabric and I figured this was a good project to use some on.

I used very stiff felt under the fabric and then sewed it to the front and back cover. I wanted it to be stiff enough to not collapse.

For the pages I used some nice felt. I plan to back it with more fabric and stiff felt but for tonight this is what I have going on and for the first time all of my stud earrings are in one place!! (well I am missing one still). There are still a few more pages in the book, but didn't want to be redundant with the pics. I messed up with the way I sewed the pages, but I plan to put stiff felt in the spine as well.

It was super easy to make once I thought it through. Sometimes I overthink things and not look at it as simply as I should. I am excited...and might need a few more earrings. ;)

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  1. I love it, You got some really cute earring..
    hugs Norma