Monday, January 5, 2015


Today is day 5 in the ASC doodle challenge. I 5 and I have only done 2....but, in my defense, it was the third day that I found out about it, so 2 out of 3 ain't bad. 

The theme this week, or our prompt I guess, is to doodle things on your craft desk or in your craft area. I have this awesome, huge stuffed Dalek that sits on top of my cricut box in my craft area so, of course, he was next on my list to draw. 

I doodled him out in not-so-exact sketchiess and then used a black sharpie to sketchie and ink him in some more. I colored him using watercolor pencils and dove blenders. I didn't have a black pencil. Was kinda bummed. Still excited for the result, though! I had fun doodling the lil guy. 

I hope to be back tomorrow with another sketch. Its back to work and school and martial arts and all that jazzie jazz so I will have to make time for my doodling. It will happen!!!

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