Saturday, January 17, 2015

Lovin With Burlap!!

My hubby came home the other day and had brought me some burlap coffee bags from a friend of ours. I was so excited! I have been wanting to make a Valentine banner for a bit now. I might be hooked. I see more burlap banners in the near future. 

I cut out the banner shapes and then also backed it with kraft paper so that it would hang right. I painted the burlap with some acrylic gesso. I had this awesome fusia sparkle fabric....canvas...stuff....I dunno.  I found it at Hobby Lobby on clearance so I grabbed it because I am kind of a if sparkles, I must have it. Anyhow, I cut out some hearts. Cause...Valentines day...duh...

I used some Studio G turquoise ink and a honeycomb mask to create a pattern on the gesso, and then it all just came together!

Of COURSE I used some of my new Julie Nutting stamps from Christmas. Paper piecing the smaller stamps is tedious but I still cannot bring myself to just color them. I feel like they come to life with the patterned paper. 

To finish everything I sewed with some light blue thread with a zig zag stitch and viola! 

And here is is on my vintage window. I can't wait to make some heart garland and add some lights and make it all Valentiney! No hate mail for how early it is for valentines. In fact, GET CRAFTING!!