Monday, March 24, 2014


I had the amazing opportunity to go to Tucson, AZ just over a week ago to work at Stamp And Scrap Fest for a second time. Oh, my goodness. WHAT a blast! I fell in love with AZ all over again.

I went my senior year in high school and it was just beautiful. Seeing it as an adult again....priceless. I can't wait to go back and take my family!

On the way, I flew over the Grand Canyon as well as the HOOVER DAM! I was on the wrong side of the plane to see the Grand Canyon and get a pic, but it was still awesome!
 I stopped over in Vegas to pick up the amazing Lizzie!! LOOK! VEGAS!!! Seriously...SLOT machines at the gates but NO PLUGS FOR OUR PHONE!!! Tell me how this makes since?!? Lizzie and I wanted to spend a couple of bucks in the penny slots but you have to buy a card and spend a minimum. Kinda took the fun out of it for me so we decided not to.

So when we got to Tucson, Lizzie was OBSESSED with the amazing cacti that we saw outside the airport. It was quite an ordeal to get across the road with Lizzie's giant suitcase filled with girl scout cookies....   


 This is my with my beautiful boss. MAN it was late that night. Haha. But we rocked it! Regardless of fatigue! Love you Mechelle!!!
Lizzie and I had a blast at the RV park for a bit. There were Cacti, and awesome metal sculptures....AND this wooden indian. OH! And a flamingo! Yeah, this RV park will never be the same. HAHA! 

I taught a class on Saturday making these cards:

I had the best group of 7 people I could have asked for! Even made some new friends! I also had 2 men in my class and they ROCKED the cards. Like, seriously got into it and really did a good job! I was so proud of them for stepping outside their comfort zones! And can we just say....GLITTER totally happened!

Lizzie and I got a day out on Friday...and MAN did we have fun. We got amazing ice cream at a place called The Hub, but on our way we saw some amazing things! I seriously love Tucson...though, I kept my pepper spray handy at all times, hehe. 

Did I mention that we got to meet and hang out with Ken Oliver? Mr. Talented from over at Spellbinders?

It was a truly amazing weekend. I feel so blessed and so darn lucky to be able to have had this opportunity to get to do something I really, honestly love. I hope that there will be many more opportunities like this in my future, but for now I am content with what I have. I am so amazingly lucky to have a husband that loves and supports my passions and indulges me from time to time so that I can have these opportunities guilt free. 

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