Monday, March 3, 2014

Smash*ing Weekend!

So, this weekend, I got to go and craft with someone new! We met through the Smash*aholics group, and then we realized we had real life friends in common, as well as crafting natures!

We finally got to get together for the first time on Saturday afternoon, and Smash*! It was so fun, and so relaxed. Its so great to get together and forget the real world for just a bit and focus on paper, ink and conversation. Thanks, Kristy for the best crafting day in awhile!

I even managed to get 2 full 2 page spreads done! I used my new "Cutsey Style" Smash*book from K&Company. This book will be my crafting exploits book, so what better to start with than my trip to Houston to meet up with the infamous Lizzie, and THE Stamp Doctor herself!

I recently rediscovered my cricut and had a blast using it to make tons of die cuts this weekend, so I am completely rejuvenated and feeling crafty again! 

Incidentally, in 9 days, I will be in Tuscon, Arizona working and teaching and having an all-around blast with Miss Liz and Mechelle once again. Can't wait! I know there will be lots of Smash*ing things happening! 

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  1. Love your smashbook pages. As always, you inspire me to be a better crafter, alas if I just had the time.