Saturday, March 2, 2013

Monster Mash

So I have been very busy this last month, not that my blog shows it, so let me catch you up.

First, I build an igloo for my son's classroom (they are working on an arctic unit and learned about the Inuit Indians) entirely out of hot glue and masses (literally hundreds) of milk jugs. Its not perfect, but they kids LOVE it and it was the hit of the social studies fair for his classroom. Noah's teacher and I spent literally weeks making calls and gathering jugs from various starbucks and from other people. It was hard, but we finally managed to get enough.

Here is Noah (brown inuit costume)and his class in the igloo the day of the social studies fair. 

Believe it or not, I DID Smash* last month too! I managed to finish the month of February (though, I may add a picture of the igloo to the pocket on the right page). February went by in a  blur, but I was very blessed, and I love my hubbs and my lil guy.  
A close up of what was in the pocket so far. 

Close up of the pocket page when the pocket is empty. 
 And a closer view of the left page since the pic of the double spread was blury-ish. :)

And finally, I come to today. March came in like...well, I am not really sure...we had snow, but it was too warm to stick. Would you consider that a lion? I don't know. Either way,  I made time to work on a project for Noah. So, my little guy turned 6 in December and has become obsessed with the idea of losing teeth. The only problem? He has never even had a LOOSE tooth. Poor kiddo. One of his sweet friends at school was so excited that she had a loose tooth and Noah got so upset. He was sad that he hadn't had one yet. ::sigh:: Dude, you are only 6. There is time! Promise!

I found this adorable monster tooth pillow on Pinterest....duh...where else? I just HAD to make one for Noah. He sleeps like a MONSTER...all over the bed, all hangin out on the end of the bed, or in the floor. His covers and pillow never stay on the bed for the entire night. This pillow is the perfect solution, as it can hang on his door. 

I used some corduroy that I have had for awhile and have actually used to make a pillow cover with in the past. Then I found some adorable cotton fabric at walmart and went to work. I have never done applique before and was scared. Not sure why I was scared. It was so super easy! I might be addicted to applique!

(please excuse our really banged up door jams. That's on our to-do list for this spring.)

If you made it to the end of this horrendously long post, then THANK YOU for putting up with my long-winded, picture-heavy post. I promise to be better about posting. I really do! Hugs and have a great rest of the weekend!

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