Thursday, August 9, 2012

Scrappy Mama Scraps Again!

Man, I am SO bad at coming up with good titles for these things, haha.

So, since I discovered the joy of Smash* booking I have gotten a little (maybe a little more than a little) behind on my son's 2012 scrapbook as well as I am still working on 2011. Oi. Bad, mama. So last week and the beginning of this week I worked to get some pages done for him so that I wouldn't feel so guilty smash*ing again (see previous post).

Here they are! Some are neater than others, some are a lil on the almost girly side, but not everything can be blue and blatantly BOY. Just sayin.

 Hope you all enjoy and that maybe you were at least a little bit inspired. Have a crafty weekend!!

1 comment:

  1. Love the pages girl..I went through my scrapbook stuff yesturday ..and went to the craft store to see what new papers they had for boys (very disappoited i might add)anyways I am about to do some pages for my boys books..its been way too long!!