Monday, April 23, 2012

My Precious Pearls

So last year for our 7th wedding anniversary, my husband gave me this beautiful strand of cultured pearls. I absolutely love these colors. The are "my" colors. My sweet husband saw the ad for these in a magazine at work, ripped out the ad (in the right smash pocket) and went to the jeweler to buy them for me. So sweet, so romantic. He even saved the ad because he knew I would want to scrap it.

So, this last week, my son and I contracted either Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease or Parainfluenza....basically....we were rendered useless to humanity for almost an entire week. by Saturday I was determined to try to be a human again...thus...I smash*ed. Yup. What else would I do? Clean the messy house? Psh. No way.

Something I am proud of with this spread is how little I actually spent for it. The lace was free from a friend, and I got the feathers for 10 cents for an entire handful, the embellishments were all G Studios from Walmart and that made em SUPER cheap, and the dress form was from my dear sweet friend Lizzie...and of course, free paint samples...making this chic AND cheap!!

I hope this inspires you all into having a super crafty week! Thanks for stopping by! Stay crafty!

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