Friday, March 23, 2012

My Tribute

So today is the day of the 74th Hunger Games. The odds were in my favor. I got tickets EARLY and got a GREAT seat! Before I went to SEE the games, though, I wanted to have SOMETHING to wear. Ah, the ever present problem with being a female. NOTHING to WEAR.

Actually, while I was at work today I had time to brainstorm. Anyone want to see the inside of my head? hehe...Here you go!
Maybe I need Cinna. YES! Can I hire Cinna? No? Okay. Next best thing. Goodwill. Yeah, yeah.I am ALWAYS at Goodwill. People like...know me that bad?

So I found this AMAZING gold shirt and it reminded me of fire and I totally wanted to wear it but it was SOOOO not in style at news. So,I cut it up and appliqued it to a tank top. AWESOME! So in less than an hour, I was a girl on fire!
 Yay, Heat N Bond!!! 
 Even my shoes are on fire. :D
So, here is the result. Girl on fire...sorta...Squee! 
And the back....just to draw attention to my butt, apparently, LOL

You can't see it much in the pic, but I actually had some really dark smokey eyeshadow and some awesome eye glitter goin on!! 
It was a great evening. I am so thrilled to have gotten to go and that my hubby was interested in seeing it. Loved the books, loved the movie. When does the next one come out? LOL Have a happy weekend...and may the odds, be EVER in your favor!


  1. Awesome! Great job, you crafty thing! I'm glad you had a wonderful time!

  2. You are so creative. I can't wait to see the movie, hubby refused to go opening weekend.