Tuesday, March 13, 2012


It is official. Yup. I am ADDICTED to SMASH*ing. ::sigh:: the only problem with that would be the fact that I have not scrapped basically ANY pages of my SON from this year; nor have I finished last year's book. MUST get going on that. But before I do, here are some pages I did last night and Saturday.

This spread is something that I was inspired to do by my black smash* book. They had this section with questions about you, so I answered them and embellished from there. It was SO much FUN! I used pinterest and printed out the cute vintage images that had to do with my answers.

 This is a close up of what was in my pocket. My supportive parents, a list of places I want to visit (there are more, but those are top) and then a pic of my and my boys in FL creating wonderful memories.

This is a smash of my top 7 songs that define me as a person. The songs include: 
 Firework (katie perry), Born this way (glee version), All Along (remedy drive), I'm still here (johnny reznick), The Words I would Say (sidewalk prophets), 100 years (matchbox 20), Loser (glee).

When I hear these songs they expose my soul and who I truly am, inside and out. I printed the lyrics for each song and put them in the pocket on the right. I printed pictures that represent the songs on the left and matched the #s to the songs in the pocket. I used bubble wrap to create the cool texture, and some other things I had laying around. 

I really hope you enjoy and/or were inspired! Keep calm, and smash on! :D


  1. Wow... loved visiting your blog! And your pages are absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. this is great chicken love it and also joined urblog :0)

  3. Very cool, great ideas! Hugs, Roxy.