Monday, August 15, 2016

Scrappin Karate

Finally getting caught up on all of my son's Martial Arts shenanigans. This year he has really bloomed and has even been brave enough to perform! He is exactly half way to his black belt, which, is amazing. My son is not one to stick with one interest for a long period of time so to see him so committed to this is really wonderful. 

This summer he was able to meet the founder of his martial arts group, Master Ernie Reyes Sr. himself as well as perform with him. 

I have a notebook that I have converted to a simple scrap book to document Noah's progress through his Martial Arts journey, and here are the pages I was able to complete yesterday. 

I try to keep the pages simple and classic. I want his progress to be the focal point, but I don't just want to to be a photo album either. Just a nice balance. 

These are the post cards his instructors send for encouragement. 
Just a little simple flourish here. 
And, even after having been sick he passed his blue belt and moved on to his advanced blue belt. This is Noah with his current instructor, who believes in him so much!
Thanks for stopping by! Its nice to be scrapping again. Loving having the time to get all kinds of crafts in for a change! 

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