Saturday, December 7, 2013

Happy Epic Nerdy 30!!!

So, the last 7 years or so I have been friends with the most amazing chic. I know we have so many more amazing years ahead, and I can't wait for those, but for now I will celebrate the last 30 AMAZING, nerdy, geeky years for my dear friend LIZZIE!

So, there are TONS of things that Lizzie geeks out for, but I am totally sure that she LOVES Adventure Time. I mean, maybe not as much as a certain Doctor in the galaxy, but enough that I hope she really loves these hair clips that I made.

They are made from felt, Fabritac, and stuffed with stuffing. Like lil pillow guys. I cut 2 slits in the back of each one and attached a snap hair clip to each one.

To get the design I looked up each character and then drew an outline the correct size and used it as a pattern.

I really, really hope you have an epic-ly, nerdy, AMAZING birthday, my dear, beautiful friend! I hope you enjoy these hair clips too. Much love and happiness! 

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  1. Did she love them, did she, did she? LOL I know she did