Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sweet baby cakes

Well, not cake, exactly. Just a baby. A new "niece" to be exact. One of my best friends in the world has been trying so hard to adopt and they finally have been granted custody of a sweet baby girl who is, as of today, 4 days old. So jealous that I can't hold her! So, to negate the jealous energy, I sewed.

I found this great old vintage print at our local hope center. I have been hoarding it for ages and had no one to make anything for. So, with this print and some towels I made 2 bibs, a burp cloth and a crinkly taggie toy with minky on the back. It was tons of fun and now I am like, WHAT ELSE CAN I MAKE? lol

I am still very much a novice seamstress, but I hope my dear friend only sees the sentiment, lol. Besides. I am sure these will be covered in spit up in no time and no one will notice, right? 

Hope you all are still able to stay cool! The "cool front" is on the way for midweek here in middle Tn. Going to be in the 90s instead of the 110s! Woo!

Happy Sunday!